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Dr Kurian has a strong background in Internal Medicine and Neurology, having completed post graduate training in Internal Medicine and Neurology in India. This was followed by one year training in Medicine in the United Kingdom and the MRCP (UK). His basic specialist training in Anaesthesia took place in Manchester. Specialist registrar appointments were at St George’s Hospital in London and in various District General Hospitals in Surrey and Sussex as part of the South West Thames Anaesthetic Training Programme.

During this period he spent one year in full time pain medicine training. He has trained in advanced interventional techniques in University of Lausanne Switzerland and International Spinal Intervention Society in United States of America.

He was appointed as Consultant Anaesthetist with special interest in Pain Medicine to Surrey& Sussex Health Care Trust in April 2002.

He was a Council representative for South East Coast Hospital Consultants and Specialist Association and Pain Medicine Lead for Service development, Education and Training.

He is in full time Private Practice now.


CCST Postgraduate Medical Training Board

FFICM Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

FFPM Faculty of Pain Medicine.

MRCP (UK) Royal College of Physicians.

FFARCS College of Anaesthetists.

DA (UK) Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine.

Diploma in Pain Medicine.


Certificate in Teaching KSS Deanery London.

Diplomate National Board of Examinations

MD (Gen. Medicine), Kerala University India.

MBBS University of Madras, India.

Academic Honours

Dr J Chandy gold medal-best out going clinical student- 1984 Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Dr Guruswamy Mudaliar prize-1984 outstanding performance in final MBBS examination, University of Madras.

Magill Travel Fellowship 2001 St Georges University London UK.

Clinical Excellence Awards four from Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust.

Publications and Presentations:

Guillian Barre’ Syndrome - Clinical Follow up with Electrophysiological Studies.

Kurian J.

MD Thesis accepted by the University of Kerala as partial requirement for completion of MD Degree examination and presented at the annual conference of the Association of the Physicians of India, APICON-1989, Calcutta.

Abstracted in Journal of the Association of the Physicians of India Vol 40 No1 1989.

Frequency of measurement of haemodynamic variables. Maintaining the initialenthusiasm.

Kurian J , Mathew S.

Presented at the third international conference,Maastricht on “Sepsis in the ICU 1997”.

Abstracted in Clinical Intensive Care Vol 8 No 3 1997.

Sharp disposal habits of Anaesthetists.

Kurian J.

Presented at the Southern Society of Anaesthetists summer meeting 12th June 1998.

Blink duration and frequency as indicators of daytime sleepiness among trainee anaesthetists.

Kurian J Raghavan V.

Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the AAGBI 28 to 29 of September 2000.

Quality of web based information on neuropathic pain: cross sectional survey. Kurian J , S W Wartan. Poster presentation at the Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting: 27 – 30 March 2001.

Predicting the operative end time: Can we rely on the surgeon’s estimate?

Kurian J , Raghavan V, Dhileepan S.

Poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the AAGBI 12 to 14 of September 2001.

Statistical Modelling to predict the duration of surgery in the absence of historical time data.

Kurian J , Raghavan V, Shetty P.

Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Southern Society of Anaesthetists 21September 2001.

Neuron Combined NMBA monitor cum nerve locator for developing countries using locally available technology;

Scientific and Educational exhibit, ASA annual meeting, Orlando, USA October 2008.

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Profound post operative hypoglycaemia in a malnourished patient.

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An unusual case of airway obstruction

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Minimizing the risk of dural puncture during cervical epidural injection.

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Impact of NICE guidance on the provision of ultrasound machines for central venous catheterization

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Jones Kurian

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Case study : Chapter 25 Fibromyalgia, Arthritic and Myofascial pain. Kurian J

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Changes present in the genetic level inpainful diabetic neuropathy. N Vadivelu, Reddy,

S Kunnumpurathu, J Kurian, R Sarawathy.

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Chromosomal Aberrations and Exon 1 Mutation in the AKR1B1 Gene in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy.

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The Ochsner Journal: Fall 2014, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 339-342. 

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